ScubaEarth App 

*App is available now for iOS and Android users. 

The ScubaEarth Mobile App allows you to log dives directly from the dive site, connect with your dive buddies and search for dive shops and dive sites all on the go.

-  Find PADI Dive Shops and dive sites with a tap of a finger  
-  Log dives before you even leave the site and share dive experiences on other social media sites  
-  Connect with divers by immediately sending and receiving buddy requests  
-  Access your ScubaEarth logbook and reference all past logged dives  

With the new ScubaEarth App, you have a new use for your surface intervals or the boat trip back to shore. Now, it’s easier than ever to research, plan and share scuba diving experiences.

As this is the initial launch of the ScubaEarth App, many new features will also be added over the coming months such as photo and video upload capabilities, increased communication among divers and enhanced ScubaEarth profiles.

Download the ScubaEarth App today at the App Store or Google Play Store:

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