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Even before you learn to dive, the Great Barrier Reef looms large on your travel radar. But, once you become a diver, this more than 2,000-kilometre/1,250 mile stretch of undersea adventure will become an obsession. The barrier reef is such a vast destination that it must be visited in small chunks and there are several gateways along the coast of Queensland from which to access it. The main hub is Cairns, where many day boats and live-aboards depart. The town of Cairns offers the best access to the northern section of the reef, known as the Ribbon Reefs, as well as the more remote and wild Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea. Townsville provides access to the SS Yongala, quite possibly the best dive in the world, as well as Bouganville Reef and other sections of the reef. Gladstone is the best hub to get to such diver islands as Heron Island, which sits at the end of the Great Barrier Reef. You can find out more on diving in Australia after you dive the Great Barrier Reef.   

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