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You could almost spend a lifetime diving any region of Australia. While most divers head straight for the Great Barrier Reef, the rest of Australia is equally as appealing. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth each offer a wonderful collection of dive experiences. Just beyond the big city energy of Sydney, giant cuttlefish, wobbegongs, and grey nurse sharks headline the sites just off shore of this metropolis, and topping the list is the wreck of the Valiant. Off Melbourne in the south of Australia, dozens of dive sites riddle Port Phillip Bay. The water’s colder, but the marine life are equally as diverse and you’ll find a bit of everything from wrecks and caverns to technical dives. Brisbane sits smack in the middle of what’s known as the Sunshine Coast, and like the rest of Australia has an amazing array of marine life from a stunning variety of nudibranchs to striking leopard sharks, and the marquee dive is the HMAS Brisbane. Off the west coast, Perth launches you into temperate water heaven with Rottnest Island at its hub. Wildly colored soft corals, swim-throughs, and a startling diversity of marine life. North of Perth, the central and northern coast of Western Australia offer adventurous diving including the breathtaking Ningaloo Reef, the closest fringing coral reef in the country. Separated from the Australian continent, Tasmania’s cool water offer you kelp forests, sponge gardens and caverns to explore.

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