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With more than 700 islands, you could spend the rest of your life exploring the undersea offerings in the Bahamas. Few places offer this kind of diversity. You have everything from heart-stopping shark feeds and deep, lush wall dives, to marine life covered wrecks and oceanic blue holes. Each island has its signature experiences, and unique shark dives. New Providence, which is typically called Nassau after the main city on the island, is Hollywood H 2O. The waters off this island have hosted the cast and crew for movies like Thunderball and Into the Blue, as well as BBC documentary productions. You’ll also find heaps of wrecks from planes to old tugboats, and all them are circled by Caribbean reef sharks. Andros, which is the largest of the islands, has one of the world’s top deep walls, mysterious and alluring oceanic blue holes, and lots of unexplored caves. Grand Bahama throws dolphins into the mix and some top shallow wrecks. And Long Island wrecks and shark are legendary. Above the water, the islands, despite such close proximity to the United States east coast, have retained a sleepy, laid back allure, with the exception of Nassau, which offers lots of interesting nightlife. You don’t have to look too far to find a long, soft, white beach that you can have all to yourself.


Largest of the Bahamas 700 islands, and probably the least explored. Famous for its deep wall, oceanic blue holes and inland blue holes. 

Grand Bahama  

Wrecks, sharks, shallow coral gardens and an open water dolphin experience bring divers from around the world.

Long Island  

It’s worth coming just to dive the wreck of the Comberbach and the wild shark dive where the teethy gents nip at your fins on the way back to the boat. Plus, the world’s deepest blue hole, prosaically named Ned’s Blue Hole more than 120 metres/400 feet deep.

Eleuthera/Harbor Island  

The famed Current Cut takes you on a wild ride accompanied by sharks, rays, turtles, and more. Colorful coral gardens, and noted for lots of marine life.

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