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Baja is not easily encapsulated. It stretched 1240 kilometres/771 miles from the US border to Cabo San Lucas and “Land’s End.” On one side, you have the endless expanse of the Pacific, on the other side, you have the fecund, marine life rich Sea of Cortez, and 368 kilometers/230 miles south of Land’s End, you have the unique rocky islands and pelagic wonderland of the Revillagigedo Islands. Most of Baja is remote and uninhabited. The Sea of Cortez is one of the richest marine environments in the world. Whale sharks, whales, rare sea turtles like leatherbacks, sea lions, mobula and manta rays, Humboldt squid, and dozens of endemic species, keep this body of water lively year-round. Off Cabo San Lucas, which is probably more famous for its time-shares, bars, chic resorts and legendary nightlife, you have a surprisingly vibrant undersea world and the pinnacle off Land’s End should be on everyone’s hit list. Then, there’s the other list, the bucket list, and that’s where the Revillagigedos are well-established. These remote, liveaboard-access-only rocky islands are almost guaranteed for extensive giant manta ray encounters, schooling hammerheads, huge pods of dolphin, pelagic sharks, and whales in season. Topside, the remote surreal desertscape will inspire with its austere beauty. Near Cabo San Lucas you can golf, go on ATVs in the sand dunes, or explore the mountains by foot or bike. And, if you love nightlife, this is a place that helps keep the term alive. The rest of the peninsula is mostly comprised of sleepy fishing villages and great local eateries. 

La Paz:

Cabo Pulmo and El Bajo Seamount and Gordo Banks are accessed from La Paz. The Cabo Pulmo reef system flows with huge schools of snappers, butterflyfish, and dozens of other species. El Bajo Seamount and Gordo Banks are typically washed by strong currents, but that’s what brings in the hammerheads, mantas, sharks, dolphins and other pelagics. On a good day, either dive will achieve iconic status in your memory.


The Revillagigedos, 368 kilometers/230 miles off the southern tip of Baja, are a series of uninhabited, rocky, seabird-filled islands whose ascetic countenance belies an undersea Disneyland for big animal aficionados.

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