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Just off the coast from mainland Honduras, the Bay Islands have been a Caribbean fringe haven since the first pirate needed to hide and disappear. The infrastructure has improved since that time, but where there’s a fringe tropical island, you’ll always find divers. And, while all the islands that comprise the Bay Islands — Roatan, Utila, Guanaja, Cayos Cochinos — offer great dive options, Roatan has the most selection and variety of diving and dive resorts. Roatan is surrounded by renowned dive sites comprised mostly of sloping reef and walls, and it also has some of the top wreck experiences in the Caribbean. The water is warm and virtually current-free year-round. Nearby Utila is a whale shark magnet. Guanaja is virtually undived and infrequently visited, making it a true remaining fringe dive experience. The waters around Cayos Chochinos were declared a marine reserve in 1994 and the surrounding reef is in fantastic shape. Few people visit the Cayos other than on day trips from the other Bay Islands. What the islands all have in common is that (according the experts who produce fish identification books,) the Bay Islands harbor every single species of marine life found in the Caribbean, so don’t expect to be lonely on the reefs. Topside, each island is sleepy and low key. Access to the some of the world’s top Mayan ruins is easily done in day trips to the mainland.


Surrounded by a stunning array of great dive sites, Roatan has the most diversity for both undersea and topside options. West End town still features a dirt street along the beach with a nice array of bars.


Long a backpacker haven, Utila Town has a surprisingly active nightlife and club scene. Offshore, you’ll find walls, pinnacle and the ever-present chance to see whale sharks.

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