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Located just north of Venezuela, Bonaire is the middle part of the A-B-C (Aruba - Bonaire - Curacao) island chain. The island has an arid climate with little rainfall, which makes the surrounding sea exceptionally clear, and the desert landscape unique for a tropical island. But, it’s not just the visibility that makes Bonaire a diver’s paradise, it’s the fact that the island’s marine resources have been protected for more than 30 years. Marine life abounds in this untouched and unspoiled underwater kingdom. And, you access some great dive sites right from shore – step off the dock and you’re there. Of course, dive boats can get you to the outer reef. It is an ideal destination for underwater photographers. Topside, you can explore the protected wildlife areas counting iguanas or watching pink flamingos. .

Bonaire Dive Orientation:

All divers on Bonaire must undergo a check-out dive to ensure your buoyancy skills are sufficient to avoid damaging the reefs, and each diver must purchase a Marine Park Tag in order to dive on the island. The entire reef surrounding Bonaire has been designated as a marine park since 1979. The lack of fishing in the area, and the vetting of divers, help preserve the abundant marine life here.

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