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In a place well-known for over-indulgence, an all night party scene, and beach lounge recovery, as well as a coastline crowded with soaring, expansive hotels, you wouldn’t expect there to be good diving within shouting distance of shore. Cancun’s dive sites, including wrecks and reefs, are action-packed with marine life. Wrecks are typically washed with a little current, and it’s not uncommon to have 20 spotted eagle rays lolling in the current. The reefs flow with rivers of snapper and grunts, and small hawksbill sea turtles find Cancun’s reefs the perfect places to munch on a sponge or two among the clouds of fish. These reefs have surprised many a professional photographer. Nearby, the island of Isla Mujeres has a sculpture garden that seems to grow every day. Above the water, Cancun really needs no introduction to its long list of sybaritic pleasures. Suffice to say, you will eat well, drink enough to loosen your tongue for tall tales, and dance all night to celebrate a great week of diving.

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