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With clear, warm water, almost no current, walls, wrecks, coral garden, caverns, almost 365 moored dive sites and more, the Cayman Islands have dominated the dive scene for years. The list of world class and world famous dive sites among the three islands — Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, Cayman Brac — that comprise the Cayman Islands is almost daunting, and professionals and novice divers each have their favorites. And, each island has its unique vibe. Grand Cayman is a cosmopolitan hub offering everything from McDonald’s on the beach, to 5-star dining and superior nightlife. Grand Cayman also has a quieter side in the East End. Little Cayman, however, is all about diving the famed Bloody Bay Wall. Divers make yearly pilgrimages to this precipice. Cayman Brac offers a little more infrastructure than Little Cayman, as well as a Russian Warship to dive.

Little Cayman:

With only 110 full time residents, most of whom work in a dive-related job, Little Cayman is a pure, true diver’s island. You’ll share this bucolic paradise with seabirds and iguanas, but all talk will be focused on the day’s dives on Bloody Bay Wall.

Cayman Brac:

Named after the 33-metre/110-foot bluff on the east end of the island, the Brac offers a nice variety of wall, wreck and reef diving, as well has opportunities for bird watching and rock climbing.

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