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Captain Cook explored the world, naming place after place, but it’s these islands that bear his name. If you like laid-back, endless empty beaches and shady palm trees that fringe a volcanic, mountainous island that looks almost to beautiful to be real, you’ll like the 15 islands that make up the Cook Islands. This is especially true of the main island and dive region of Rarotonga. With a coral fairy ring surrounding a lagoon, a lot of the dives take place on the drop-offs outside barrier reef. Noted for fields of healthy hard coral, you’ll find sea turtles, gangs of sergeant majors and unicornfish, tridacna clams and legions of elegant lionfish. You’ll find some interesting swim-through with wildly colorful invertebrates. Dogtooth tuna and trevally are common on most dives. Visibility outside the lagoon exceeds 40 metres/120-feet consistently.

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