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Of all the places in Mexico to dive, Cozumel is the most famous because almost every hotel and resort caters to divers first, and rightfully so since the current washed reefs are some of the most colorful and notable on the planet. Every dive here is a current dive, in some places faster than others, but it’s like being wrapped in the arms of the sea and being guided through a wonderland. The sponges, corals and marine life all conspire to wow you with the maximum amount of color anyone can take in at once. Sea turtles and spotted eagle rays are common, as is 45-metre/150-feet of visibility. Truly, a world-class dive experience. Between dives, the town of San Miguel packs in enough restaurants and bars to please any diver, and there’s even a Mayan ruin, San Gervasio, on the island if you feel like exploring. But, life on this island centers around diving, partying, kicking back and indulging.

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