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The eastern half of the island of Hispaniola (shared with Haiti), the Dominican Republic has sat at the crossroads of history and nature since Christopher Columbus set up shop on his way through to the new world. Offshore, shipwrecks dominate the underwater scene with pinnacles a close second. The Dominican Republic is a hotbed for all-inclusive resorts, but don’t limit yourself to the confines of the resort because there’s a heady mix of cultural and natural offerings that few Caribbean islands can rival. Diving here is done by region and each region offers its unique taste of undersea adventure. And, when the whales come down from their northern feeding grounds to give birth, the Silver Bank off the Dominican Republic becomes a nursery and one of he world’s top places to encounter these majestic creatures in the ocean.

La Romana:  

On the south coast, La Romana offers the diversity of a nearby city with the adventure of diving top sites such as Catalina Island, Bayahibe and Saona Island, in the National Park of the East. These sites are hot spots for the bigger marine life such as turtles, grouper and large shoals of schooling fish. 

Punta Cana:

On the far eastern tip of the island, Punta Cana offers a plethora of shallow dives, the famed La Cueva reef, as well as the vibrant wreck of the Monica. It can get quite blowy in the winter.

Playa Dorado:  

Close to Puerto Plata on the remote northern coast of the Dominica Republic, Playa Dorado is all-inclusive central. The 45-metre/148-foot ex-cargo boat the Zingara tops the list here, but don’t miss 5-Rocks and especially Airport Wall, perhaps the most unspoiled of the region’s dives.

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