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Perhaps the island with the most wrecks in the Caribbean, Grenada’s seascape is littered with top wrecks, including the biggest and baddest, the 183-metre/600-foot ex-luxury liner, the Bianca C. This world-class wreck sits on its keel in 50 metres/165 feet of water, with the decks at 36 metres/120 feet, so it’s an advanced dive, but worth the effort. The wreck literally crawls with life. You could easily spend an entire week in Grenada and never see a reef, although the reefs here are also quite prolific and harbor everything from napping nurse sharks to seahorses. Above the water, Grenada is known as the spice island because of all the nutmeg, cacao, and other spices that seem to prefer this island as a place to grow. There are also numerous lovely waterfalls, forests full of monkeys, some great hikes and forts.

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