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Hawai’i is several destinations in one, as each of the major islands has it’s own unique dive experience. But, while each island is unique, almost 30 percent of everything you see, you will only see in the islands of Hawai’i. From December to May the waters off all of Hawai’i, fill with the haunting song of humpback whales. The Big Island, with the active Kilauea Volcano, is actually still growing as hot lava flows into the sea almost every day. The largest of the Hawai’ian islands also has 12 of the world’s 16 climate zones, from glacier to desertscape. And, underwater the folds and caverns and arches that make up the reef reflect the volcanic origins and hard corals dominate. You’ll a bit of everything from frogfish and reef octopus to dragon morays and lots of sea turtles. You’ll also have the chance to see big tiger sharks, pilot whales, mantas, oceanic white-tip shark and pods of spinner dolphins. Diving off the island of Maui centers around the famed Molokini Crater, a marine preserve, and the nearby island of Lana’i Topside the photogenic and waterfall riven Road to Hana is one world’s prettiest drives. And, sunrise on Mt. Haleakala is a must experience. The world’s view of Hawai’i centers around the Island of O’ahu, where Waikiki sees nearly as many tourists as the entire rest of the Pacific islands. Underwater, you don’t have to look too far for world-class dives, they’re right beyond the surf break of Waikiki, the wrecks of the YO-257 and the San Pedro. Of course, if you want to surf, then this is the place to be, or shop, or get that Hawaiian shirt you’ve always wanted. If the world’s view of Hawai’i is O’ahu, then Hollywood’s vision for paradise is the island of Kaua’i, with its stunning Na Pali Coast, and lush green mountains. The dives ripple with the movements of sea turtles, and it’s almost guaranteed to see them here. Also, accessed from Kauai is the “forbidden island” of Ni‘ihau, which is the place to encounter endangered monk seals.

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