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How do you encapsulate more than 13,400 islands that sit in the middle of most biodiverse marine region on the planet? Well, you have to expect both anything and everything, because if it lives underwater, it probably proliferates among these islands. Of course, there are hot spots for diving that are more well-known than others. The short list includes some big dive gorillas such as Bali, Raja Ampat, Komodo, North Sulawesi, Wakatobi, Lombok, Manado, Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. That’s a lifetime of diving, filled with exceptional experiences. Raja Ampat, off the western side of New Guinea, has more marine life than anywhere on earth, and it’s all packed in and fighting for space in one of the most lovely island regions. Northern Sulawesi and the sand of Kungkungan Bay is acknowledged by many savvy professional photographers as the macro capital of the world. And, the other islands all compete for diversity. No matter what you like — sharks, turtles, tiny critters, weird, strange, schooling fish — it’s here. New species are discovered all the time. Above the water, these islands are right on the ring of fire, so there are active volcanoes, impenetrable jungles, authentic cultures and piles and piles of bragging rights. Plan for many return trips before you’ve experienced even the tip of the iceberg.

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