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The country of Malaysia is split in two: there’s peninsular Malaysia, which is considered the mainland, and Malaysian Borneo, which takes up most of the north end of the island of Borneo. Diving takes place off the coast of Malaysian Borneo and includes such legendary regions as Sipadan and Mabul, Layang Layang, Sarawak and the dives off Kota Kinabalu. Sipadan Island defines pristine and represents one of the world’s top dive havens. Sea turtles come so thick you’ll actually start pushing them aside (figuratively) so you can see the tornados of barracuda, the legions of little critters and hard coral wonderlands. You’ll find sharks, rays, soft coral covered walls and even a turtle tomb. To dive Sipadan, you stay on nearby Mabul, which is a macro heaven all of its own. The diversity of Malaysian Borneo is astounding. But, do not travel this far and just dive. Borneo has some of the world’s most interesting and intriguing natural and cultural heritage, including orangutans, forest elephants, probiscus monkeys and some stone age tribes. Malaysian Borneo is as raw and real above and below as you will find anywhere in the world.

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