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Although the Maldives is a nation that includes more than 10,000 islands sprinkled through the Indian Ocean, its highest point is about 3 meters/10 feet above sea level. Every resort sits on its own island. The diving is spread wide among a vast area of this country. There are 26 coral atolls and countless unexplored dive corners. Drift diving adds adrenaline as well as thick concentrations of schooling fish, and the visibility often exceeds 45 metres/150 feet. Being islands in the middle of an ocean, lots of interesting diving exists, such as huge aggregations of manta rays and whale sharks, sometimes in the same place, passes filled with sharks, and reefs crowded with eels. Above the water leisure and romance weave together on the sea breezes. There’s little to do but dive and enjoy a life of idyll – which is a good thing.

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