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These two small islands in the southern Mediterranean are wrapped in the regions’ warmest and clearest waters, and is one of the few European destinations where warm water diving is possible year-round. A strong and enticing mix of intact, penetrable wrecks, marine life, caverns and flourishing drop-offs will keep the 50+ dive sites that ring these islands at the top of the mind for European divers. The reefs and wrecks glow with orange, red and green encrusting corals. The wrecks represent several eras and both shipwrecks and airplanes, including WWII casualties and wrecks recently sunk as artificial reefs. Both wrecks and reefs teem with bream, octopus and grouper. These islands offer more than 7,000 years of human occupation and cultural heritage. Architecture runs the gamut from temples dedicated to the goddess of fertility to dozens of wonderfully ornamented cathedrals, forts and palaces. Don’t miss the UNESCO Hypogeum – an enormous subterranean excavated structure. On the modern side, nightlife thrives on Malta, and sun drenched beaches offer the perfect place to unwind.

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