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One of the hottest and least expensive dive destinations, Mozambique, is rife with untrammeled and undiscovered sites. Giant mantas, dolphins, whales and whale sharks that prowl the Mozambique Channel (accessed from the town of Praia do Tofo) put this nation on the dive map, but then divers discovered the pristine Quirimba and Bazaruto Archipelagos. These low-lying, completely undeveloped islands harbor a rich seascape, including blue spotted lagoon rays, crocodile fish, an abundance of colorful tropicals such as anthias and basslets, massive potato cod, honeycomb eels, harlequin shrimp and 1,200 other species a haven for underwater photographers. The diversions above the water are untainted, sweeping African experiences. Start at Pemba and head south to Ponto do Ouro and check off most of your diving wish list.

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