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Puerto Rico is like a vacation fun house. You want culture, there’s 400-years of it, including massive forts and ancient cities. You want primal nature, there’s the entire center of the island and, of course, the World Heritage El Yunque Rainforest. You want tropical island escapes, bioluminescent waters, world-class surfing, music and dancing, and an event, parade or festival for almost every day of the year, Puerto Rico comes with that too. And, that’s in addition to diving that too frequently gets passed over by dive travelers on their way through the hub of San Juan to other Caribbean Islands. Underwater, if you really want some bragging rights, find your way to Mona Island off the west coast. It has been called the Galápagos of the Caribbean and see so few divers that the marine life, which includes spotted eagle rays, sea turtles, and other passing pelagics, will probably want to check you out. Closer to shore on the west coast, Desecheo Island is a place that should be more well-known. And the wall off Parguera, on the southwest coast, stretches for about 43 kilometres/27 miles and features lush precipices that slip into the abyss. Culebra and Vieques Islands off the east coast are destinations in and of themselves.

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