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Riviera Maya 

Officially, this loosely defined region of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, south on highway 307 from Cancun, stretches from Puerto Morelos to Tulum and encompasses the lively town of Playa Del Carmen and the cenote center of the universe of Puerto Aventuras. If you want to know what it’s like to float in thin air, the closest you will ever come is the diamond clear fresh water filled caverns, called cenotes, that pockmark Riviera Maya. For cave divers, this region of the Yucatan is legendary, but everyday divers can explore the lightbeam filled caverns. Playa del Carmen mixes all the best elements of Mexican culture and nightlife and party savior faire with some big animal encounters. Mexico’s best bull shark dive is just off this energetic town, and during most dives you’ll be able to connect the dots of your dive from one sea turtle encounter to another. Tulum was the ultimate kingly beach house. This Mayan ruin, which sits right on the water, almost single-handedly defines this section of Mexico with culture, beach, sparkling water and a vigorous circus like atmosphere.

Playacar and Playa Del Carmen: 

Playacar is the region south of the dynamic town of Playa Del Carmen that is comprised of a string of all-inclusive resorts. With easy access to town and the famous 24-hour scene of Avenida Quinta, and the diving just offshore, Playacar makes for a great Riviera Maya adventure launchpad.

Puerto Aventuras: 

If you dream of dark, watery holes that wander deep into the earth, then you probably already know about Puerto Aventuras. Access to the renowned cenotes (good for cavern diving, too) have made this corner of the earth legendary for cave and cavern divers.

Puerto Morales: 

All the diving from Puerto Morales takes place within the National Part of Puerto Morales and includes caverns, wrecks, drift diving, shark caves and several other surprises that make up this quite unheralded region of Riviera Maya.

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