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As you might expect from a country filled with lions, elephants, hippos, and all the big animals that make a terrestrial safari so thrilling, the experience beneath the water is equally as compelling. It starts at the top of the food chain with famous leaping great white sharks off False Bay near Capetown, and the shark cage experience at equally renowned Dyer Island also near Capetown. While those are nice, one of the world’s greatest underwater events happens each June with the sardine run. Sardines in shoals that could be several kilometers/miles long are predated upon by. . . well, everything — sharks, dolphin, seabirds, sea lions, Bryde’s whales — all show up to this moving buffet and gorge until there is nary a scale left floating in the sea. The temperate seascape of Aliwal Shoals and Sodwana Bay ups the sizzle factor with ragged tooth, Zambezi and bull sharks that try to outshine the nudibranchs. In the soft, après dive light of a late afternoon, settle in with a bottle of South African wine and listen to the sounds of the predators that roam the bush at night from the comfort of your safari lodge.

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