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Between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll find lots of places to get wet off Spain. For the best, head to the dramatic Costa Brava and explore the marine park-protected Medes Islands. Here, explosive red and vivid yellow gorgonians light up the reef they share with a wonderful line-up of marine life, including curious octopus, cocky groupers (they’re protected and know it), rays, and conger eels. Discover the Dolphin Cave, where light beams gather to dance with lack of inhibition. From Roquestas de Mar to San Juan de los Terreros, Almeria offers natural parks, marine reserves, protected areas and natural underwater monuments across over 60 different dive sites catering to all levels of diver. Thrill seekers should head to the Straits of Gibraltar, where strong currents bring in big pelagics and mobs of tuna, or the famous waters off the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands, which sit off the coast of Morocco, offer tropical, year-round dive conditions, and cinematic underwater seascapes, including caves and caverns, intact shipwrecks and reefs that abound with fish. Between dives, indulge in a European culture known for siestas, music, dance, fiestas, art, cuisine and fine Spanish wine.

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