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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka first started to get noticed in the dive community when it was discovered that blue whales were consistently seen off this island nation’s shores. What’s not so well known is that Sri Lanka has some great wrecks, and the local divers keep discovering new ones as they explore the waters off their coast. The wrecks are covered in marine life, soft corals, macro critters and large aggregations of snapper and other schooling fish. The reefs are typically soft coral and brightly colored gorgonian forests that harbor lionfish, nudibranchs and anemonefish. Like many places in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has seasonal diving. The west coast flattens out from November to May, and the east coast takes over from April through October. You can however dive both locations year round. When you come ashore, Sri Lanka will throw more surprises your way with great surf, plush rainforests, manicured rice paddy hillsides, and, as famous author, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, who visited and never left, said, “Sri Lanka has a bit of everything.”

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