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This island nation has been described as a kite and its tail, with the kite being St. Vincent and the smaller Grenadines as the long tail that flutters underneath it. With such an expanse of the Caribbean off its shores, divers can expect a wide swath of undersea experiences. This starts with St. Vincent that has become a showcase for the weird, strange, rare, and macro critters that most divers have probably passed hundreds of times and never known what wonderful creatures were eluding them. Most of the dives off St. Vincent involve guides with eyes fine-tuned to the environment of the tiny, and your best tool is a magnifying glass. Just south of St. Vincent, off Bequia your view will skew on the larger scale, especially at such thrilling dives as The Bullet, a current dive past a pinnacle. Farther down the Grenadines, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau, Tobago Cays, Palm Island, Union Island and Petit St. Vincent offer a nice mix of healthy Caribbean reef diving with lots of opportunities to see rare marine life like snake eels and bulls-eye lobster. Topside, St. Vincent is almost primal with waterfalls, mist shrouded valleys, and black sand beaches. During the winter months, the Grenadines are a sailor’s paradise, offering hundreds of secluded anchorages and plenty of wind.

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