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With a world of dive experiences as exotic as its culture, Thailand will challenge you with an amazing array of diving destinations to choose from. The diving here is typically good all year, but the Gulf of Thailand is at its peak from May through September while you'll find the best diving from October through April in the Andaman Sea. The Andaman Sea is primarily accessed by live-aboard and has well known diving spots and great visibility. Phuket is the base for many of these live-aboards and is also home to a some great sites. Phi Phi, Krabi, Koh Lanta Yai and Koh Lipe are also excellent and popular diving destinations. The southern Gulf of Thailand has its own selection of top diving sites, and the season generally runs from December to September. This is where you will find the incredible islands of Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. All boast amazing diving and are a boat trip from one of Thailand's most famous pinnacle dives, Sail Rock. The coast off the north of Thailand is where you'll find Pattaya, and a little further around the unspoiled island of Koh Chang. The North is the place to go for wrecks and operates year-round. In any season, you’ll be warmly welcomed because the Thai people are famously friendly. You’ll need to schedule time away from the water, too. Sample Thailand’s legendary nightlife, visit a range of Thailand's stunning beaches, or hit the countryside for elephant excursions, golden temples, exotic cultural dances and more. Plus, in the markets, your senses will swirl in opulent aromas.

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