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Vietnam is a relative newcomer to the global dive scene. But, with a coastline that stretches 3,400 kilometers/2,100 miles along the Gulf of Tonkin and the South China Sea, it was inevitable that divers would begin exploring and then wanting to share their finds with the world. The area off Nha Trang has started to attract savvy divers looking for something untrammeled and unique. With offshore pinnacles and shallow sites off Whale Island that are full of invertebrates, including pipefish, seahorses, dozens of species of nudibranch, frogfish, ribbon eels, and leaf scorpionfish, among others, Vietnam’s reputation for the strange and unusual is on the rise. You can dive all year round and the main dive season along this coast runs from January to October, with the best conditions from April to August. Above the water, Vietnam’s unique culture reflects both Asian influences and French colonial influences. The food and festivals and dense cities and cloud-cloaked rainforests will challenge your dive time with topside choices.

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