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With more than 2000 kilometres/1200 miles of coastline and clean, unpolluted waters, Oman is one of the dive world's best kept secrets.

Diving in Oman provides dramatic wall drop-offs and scenic coral lined fjords that range in depth from 6-40 metres/20-131 feet. The country enjoys good sea conditions, with an average visibility of 20-30 metres/66-98 feet and diving that is relatively easy. During winter, the sea temperature drops to 20-25° C/68-77° F and a 5 millimetre wet suit may be necessary. In summer, as the sea temperature rises, a 3 millimetre wet suit typically suffices. Night dives are popular and divers are often astonished by the amount of phosphorescence the see in Omani water after dark.

There are several superb dive areas close to the capital, including Fahal Island, the Daymaniyat Islands and Bandra Kayran.

Underwater life is abundant no matter which dive site you choose. You'll frequently see a variety of hard and soft corals and a spectacular range of fish. Plus, you might be rewarded with the sight of dolphins and catch a glimpse of the elusive whale shark in the summer.
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