Noted as one of the Top 10 wall dives in the Caribbean. Just mention the word Babylon to any Cayman Divemaster and you will notice a sparkle in their eye. This is the kind of dive is saved for their day off or to really impress experienced divers. Babylon is one of the most remote sites on Grand Cayman and is located on the North Wall, half way between Rum Point and East End. Babylon is most frequented by dive boats on 3 Tank Safaris around the island or by live-a-board vessels. Do not confuse all the hype about the beauty of this dive site and its remote location as to making it an advanced dive. Once you get there, Babylon is a very easy dive, the top of the Cayman wall starts between 35-45 feet. There are large sand patches on top of the wall and excellent shallow reefs for those scuba divers that do not want to venture too deep. For scuba divers who want a true vertical experience, they will find it on the wall at Babylon. The wall topography changes from a sheer plunging wall face to cascading sheets of plate coral and large pinnacles jutting in to the crystal clear waters of the Cayman Trench.

Dive Site Characteristics

Maximum Depth 17  Metres
Dive Entry Type Not Specified
Water Environment Type Not Specified
Salinity Salt Water
Primary Bottom Type Not Specified
Average Rating