Twins takes its name from the twin peaks of Koh Nang Yuan which dominate the skyline above water. The dive site actually has four pinnacles and a lovely Staghorn Coral reef to tour. The pinnacles themselves are actually large boulder collections decorated with tropical reef where you are likely to see Weibel's Butterflyfish, Six-Banded and Blue-Ringed Angelfish. It's also a good site for spotting White-Eyed Moray Eels, Blue-Spotted Rays, and occassionally Scribbled Filefish. Turtles and tiny Yellow Boxfish make seasonal appearances and, if you are still looking, here's where you'll find Nemo! If you like macro critters then you'll have good hunting here too....Seahorses, Cowfish, Nudibranch, Wart Slugs, Long-Nosed and Janns Pipefish and a plethera of shrimps: Commensal, Mantis, Durban Dancing,Whip Coral and Rock Shrimp. Tiny Indian Walkmans hide in the sand and broken coral so keep your eyes peeled for these masters of disguise. The site is simple, fun and effortless and will suit all levels. Its colour and calm make it a hit with everyone. A simple swim-through offers a little adventure. There are many overhangs and crevices to search for lurking life:- take is slowly and explore, you will be rewarded. At the beginning of 2010, an artifical reef, named Buoyancy World, was created to the North of the main dive site. Already a lot of life has moved into this new area. We will keep you updated with our new finds on this reef! To read more about this project.

Dive Site Characteristics

Maximum Depth 18  Metres
Dive Entry Type Boat
Water Environment Type Ocean/Sea
Salinity Salt Water
Primary Bottom Type Sand
Average Rating