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ScubaEarth is PADI’s new online scuba resource and social community for divers and other water enthusiasts. It’s a robust, one-stop site to research, plan and share dive experiences. ScubaEarth hosts everything from current weather and dive conditions to photos and videos for those constantly craving scuba snacks.

ScubaEarth launched only nine months ago and has already grown to be the largest scuba diving social community with more than 52,000 active users.

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ScubaEarth has had more than 3.5 million page views in total, more than 8.5 average page views per visit and the average visitor stays on the site for longer than 6 minutes.

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A central purpose of ScubaEarth is to engage new or prospective PADI divers. Through the ScubaEarth community PADI can reach and share marketing messages with this vital target audience and increase their activity in the dive community. Not all ScubaEarth users are scuba divers, but they are consumers who are interested in learning more about diving before taking the next step and getting certified. There are more than 2000 non-divers registered on ScubaEarth with continued growth each month. The ability to reach this audience is crucial to reaching PADI’s business goals.

The second central goal of ScubaEarth is to keep current divers diving and to motivate them to continue their dive education. These divers are able to search for new dive buddies to dive with, locate exciting destinations, search top dive sites and find dive shops to take new scuba courses with or book fun dive trips. By keeping divers active in the dive lifestyle, these consumers will work with PADI dive shops to take additional PADI courses.


1. Engage new divers and keep current divers diving
2. Support and mobilize the scuba diving lifestyle
3. Encourage customers to fulfill their scuba diving needs with a PADI Retailer or Resort


Establish a thriving online community of dive enthusiasts and professional experts who share valuable content.

ScubaEarth Features

Profile Information Tab
Currently, there are more than 52,000 ScubaEarth users in the community who are able to upload a profile picture and write a brief description about themselves, such as the kind of diving they enjoy, where they’ve been diving or any other fun facts they want to share with dive buddies. As users upload photos to share, the three most recent uploads will appear at the top of the page on their Info tab.

ScubaEarth users have logged more than 50,000 dives, which are collected into personal digital logbooks on ScubaEarth. Logging a dive on ScubaEarth is very easy – the user can choose to either log dives manually or through the dive computer import wizard. Then, users just need to select the dive site where the dive took place from the map (by searching by dive site name or location), or if the dive site doesn’t exist, the user can add it by entering the GPS coordinates. Once the dive site is selected, users can enter as many dive details as they would like and upload images associated with the dive. All users have the ability to choose if they would like to have their logged dives and images displayed on the community dive map for other users to see.

PADI Scuba Certifications
Each user's PADI certifications are automatically displayed, which makes it simple to replace a certification card if needed. The ScubaEarth database is continually updated to keep certifications current. When divers’ new certifications are processed, they are displayed on ScubaEarth in real time in the certifications tab.

Featured Destinations
Users are able to view more than 65 featured dive destinations with essential information, including the best time to visit, what to expect, any iconic marine life and the top dive sites at that location. These overviews provide just about everything users need to know about a dive destination in a glance.

Dive Shops
There are currently more than 2,700 PADI dive shops on ScubaEarth, so users can search for their favorite dive shops, view the shop profiles and join dive crews to stay up-to-date on the shop’s activities and events.

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Dive Sites
A database of more than 50,000 dive sites is available to ScubaEarth users. Users can also add any additional dive sites from around the world. Additionally, users can view recently logged dives for each dive site to get an idea of the dive conditions and current weather information, both of which will help users plan their next dive.

Gear Locker
Users have added more than 40,000 pieces of individual equipment to their virtual gear lockers. The gear locker helps users keep track of purchase and service dates as well as making it easier to track which gear configurations to use on each dive.

There have been more than 22,000 photos and videos added to ScubaEarth. The visual aspect of the site makes user interactions more dynamic and allows users to share their unique dive experiences that can’t be captured in words.

If you would like access to ScubaEarth, you can either sign up as a new user or contact Ashley Atkin for log in details.